About Me (or My Delusions of Superhero Grandeur)

I am a stay-at-home mom, proud military wife, and lover of all things superhero. The first story I remember writing was entitled, "How the Giraffe Got its Long Neck."  The plot: a spotted horse gets its head stuck in the hole of a tree trunk.  And now you know why I didn't pursue any scientific endeavors.

In college, I thought about becoming the first non-superhero to save the world.  I got my BA in International Development and even lived and worked in a developing foreign country.  While there, I discovered  I liked toilets and refrigerated food far more than I'd previously realized.  I also really liked this guy... fourteen years later, I still do.  And he really loves the good old US of A.

After a little rearranging of my life goals, I set out to reform the villains of the world as a teacher for the California Department of Corrections.  I found joy in helping those "villains" realize they were really potential superheroes on the wrong path. Then my own little superheroes came along.  And all I wanted to do was help them learn to be heroes in their own lives.   Best decision ever.  Eight years later they save my world everyday.  Now I have another goal: save teenagers from inane entertainment.  There are many amazing writers already working hard on this.  I only hope to humbly join their ranks one day.