I wish I was computer savvy enough to change the title font to something really creepy for this post, but I'm not.  So you will be required to use you imagination and pretend to be scared.  However, you will not have to pretend  if you click on this link to J.R. Johansson's cover reveal!!!! It is one of the most unique, and creepy covers ever! And having read the book, I can tell you, it is AWESOME! So go see Jenn's cover and prepare to WANT her book!

To all the little superheroes

Halloween is like Christmas for my superhero loving heart.  I love seeing all the little Captain Americas and Spidermans running down the street.  It reminds me of the first year my son asked to dress up as a superhero.  He wanted to be Superman, so I made him a cape and found a pair of Superman pajamas (because I'm practical like that).  He tried it on and gleefully ran through the house making swooshing noises and jumping on furniture. Mission accomplished, I thought, proud of myself for creating a mini superhero.

Fast forward ten minutes.  I'm cleaning something in the kitchen when I notice a very sad little four-year-old Superman walking toward me, shoulders slouched under his red cape.

"What's wrong, honey?"  I ask.

He steps toward me and holds out both hands palms up.  "I need powers in my hands...I don't have powers in my hands." He truly believed the costume would give him powers.  He didn't just want to dress up as Superman, he wanted to be Superman.

I didn't know what to say.  I felt like I was on the verge of destroying something as significant as Santa Clause.  Truthfully, I don't remember how I comforted him.  But I'm happy to say he was a Power Ranger this year, high kicking and karate chopping to his heart's content, so I must not have completely destroyed the magic. 

So Cheers to all the little believers and dreamers.  I'd like to think there's a little bit of a real superhero in all of us.

Update to My Books Page

My Current Work in Progress:

YA Historical Fantasy
(Status: 1st Drafting)

 Flying is just the beginning.

The Unpost Post

Sometimes other people or previous posts really say what I want to better than I can.  So today I give you the posts that I didn't write. 

First off, I went to an awesome writing conference this week and had so much fun with my writing buddies.  They are the best!! But Sara Larson does a much better recap than I would have, so you can check it out here.

Here's a preview:
And more fun!!!!

Love these people!

Secondly, it seems a Valentines Day post is expected.  I'm not a big lover of Valentine's Day (pun totally intended), but I have mocked the holiday in the past, so if you really need a post from me on the subject I give you Beatnik Valentine's Day & Hyperbolic Love

Why I love, What About Bob?

My husband hates the movie What About Bob.  He's a psychologist and thinks the idea of a patient stalking you to your vacation home, then subsequently winning the hearts of your family and driving you insane, sounds more like horror than comedy.  I on the other hand, love that movie.  I have a soft spot for the antics of Bill Murray.  What can I say, I'm from the Ghostbusters generation, but that's not the only reason I love it.  I actually think it contains some sound wisdom.  Really, I do.   

Sometimes I wonder if the producers of What About Bob knew they be doing the public a favor when they made the movie?  And I'm not talking about raising the awareness of bladder explosion. (Which is real, by the way.  My sister had a patient in the ICU whose bladder had exploded.  That is the honest to goodness truth!)  No, I'm talking about the sound psychological advice contained in the pages of Dr. Leo Marvin's book, Baby Steps. I wish I could actually buy that book and read it!  Unfortunately it doesn't exist.  Though I can imagine what it would say if it did:

 When facing an overwhelming task (such as doing a gigantic pile of dishes), do not look at the whole chore.  Simply break it down into manageable chunks.  First say to yourself, I will do the cups and only the cups and so forth.  

Okay, so a famous psychiatrist might not bother with telling you exactly how to do the dishes, but that's how I use the advice.  Baby steps to load the dishwasher, baby steps to wipe down the counter, baby steps to fold the laundry.  It makes me laugh and I get things done.

I think most of us as writers are pretty much baby step specialists.  After all an entire book is written letter by letter, word by word, page by page.  Sometimes when I start a new project (after the initial new book rush), I look at all the work that needs to be done before finishing and I get overwhelmed.  Then Bob's voice comes into my head, "babysteps to the elevator" "baby steps to get on the bus" and suddenly I know I can do it!  What about you, do you baby step your way through life or am I the only one who loves this?