For Fun

My awesome friend, Sara, recently printed up a copy of my book to read on the train and designed a cover for it.  Then she sent it to me! It was so fun to get a copy of my manuscript in book form with her cover design.

 I love how she combined space with the eye.  Both are such important elements of the story.  Sara, you made my week!

Some of my family members (mostly my parents) have been asking for a printed copy of my books .  So I decided to follow in Sara's footsteps and design a cover for my book and print out a few copies. Thanks to my sister for providing me with the pictures.  I told her to send me some of her high resolution, professional pictures, but wouldn't say why.  Fortunately once I was done she agreed to let me share the result.

Here's what I started with:  

  (I know, isn't she beautiful? Not fair.)

And here's how I combined the images and added the title: 

I had so much fun incorporating symbolism into the cover. The straight lines, black and white coloring, and blue eye, all have meaning.  I'm so happy with the result.

On the Lookout for Superheroes

I'm always on the lookout for superheros in disguise.  I figure the fact that we believe they're made up is really the only thing keeping them concealed.  Because let's face it, Clark Kent is not a great cover for Superman.  Glasses, really?  If glasses were enough to conceal your identity everyone at my son's school would think he had two moms.  The I-can't-be-bothered-to-look-like-a-human-this-early mom and the moderately-put-together-because-today-is-a-gym-day mom. 

And what about all those suspicious behaviors, like disappearing every time there's an emergency.  Do any of you remember watching He-Man and how all the other characters mocked Adam for being a coward and running away every time there was danger?  Put two and two together people.  If the blonde bob and rippling muscles aren't clues enough (again with the poor disguise), surely the fact that he runs away seconds before He-Man appears ought to tell you something. 

In my superhero book, JADED, the characters have all done away with their alter egos.  They're too impractical and let's face it, being a hero all the time gets you more attention.  I think if you've got super powers you should just go with it.  Maybe that's why I love the Old Spice Guy.  He's got it all: talents, good looks, sexy smelling body wash, and the ability to do everything.  But most of all he doesn't try to hide who he is.  He says he's exceptional, and I, for one, am inclined to believe him.  You GO Old Spice Dude.  You're my superhero of the week, this time discovered in plain sight.