Do you think Brad Pitt has stale,coffee breath?

This morning on my way to the Y to swim (see previous post on J-E-L-L-O).  I was thinking about this totally pointless, fluff article I read on my home page about crazy things stars have done (yes, sometimes I read gossip, don't judge me).  Anyway, the article said that Brad Pitt purposely chipped his two front teeth for his role in fight club and then had them reconstructed after.  To be honest I thought that was a super-duper stupid thing to do, but who I am to judge the lengths one will go to for their art?   Then my mind started wandering...

Brad Pitt is pretty darn good looking when he's cleaned up, but then there's this major gray-bearded, stringy-haired side of him that shows up occassionally, and I started wondering, does he smoke?  A lot of stars do, like his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.  And I wonder if he has nasty smoke/stale coffee breath because he doesn't brush his teeth as often as he should (because clearly he can have as much dental surgery as he wants and his teeth aren't that important to him).  Suddenly I was sure he DID have stale coffee breath and number of other unattractive features that don't come across on screen.  I had totally reinvented a real person into a character and was sure I knew him.  Am I the only one who does stuff like this? Just curious.

And now you've read your totally pointless, fluff article for the morning.