Like Jello

I've discovered something important: life is like Jello.  I'm like Jello.  My new all-encompassing life philosophy came to me after swimming laps this morning.  When I went to get out of the pool my arms felt like Jello.  I actually ended up walking over to the ramp because I don't think I could have hoisted myself out.  It was a long ramp and gave me ample time to consider the irony of the situation.  I work out because I was beginning to feel like Jello then I get done working out and I feel like Jello anyway.  Either way...Jello.   But one type of Jello makes me feel better than the other.  It's like the lime of Jellos (which is my favorite).  The good type of Jello happens because I worked hard and accomplished something.  The bad type happens when I do nothing.  So if I have to be Jello for the rest of my life I might as well be lime.

Writing is the same.  If I work hard, my brain feels like Jello when I'm done.  But I have a shiny exciting story in front of me.  If I don't work at my writing, I lose some of my groove and writing skills.  My brain turns to Jello.  Or even more Jello-y than it was to start with because according to my husband our brains are sort of the consistency of Jello anyway.  

Hello Internets

(Imagine my title said in the soothing voice of the Old Spice Guy.  And yes, it's suppose to say Internets, because that's how he says it on his Youtube Channel.)
Long time no see.  No, really, really long time, no see.  I have officially been without the internet in my house for SEVEN (unlucky seven) WEEKS!!!  During that time I learned something interesting: my brain requires WiFi to function.  So much so that I camped out in the McDonald's parking lot on many a morning. (Sidenote: My son now owns an "action figure" for nearly every smurf known to man).    I don't even like McDonald's, but I've eaten many fruit and yogurt parfaits over the past month and a half.  Mostly because I felt guilty for mooching off their internet and not buying anything. 

The good news is that apparently, the WiFi has an opposite effect on my manual labor abilities.  I get a lot done around the house when I'm not connected.  Brain off--housework on.  Take for example my basement storage room.  Two days ago I cleared everything out of it and painted all the walls and bought lots of new shelves.  I also scrubbed the concrete and bought epoxy to paint it.  I was halfway through painting the floor when the internet guy showed up today.  Now two hours later, the floor is still half painted, and I have a feeling the storage room contents will be in the hall for quite some time.  But my brain is positively buzzing.  WiFi.

Now to hook up my home phone (our cell service is terrible in the mountains) and soon I will be connected to my friends again.  Equilibrium is being restored in my universe today.