Yet Another Reason to Love Superheros

Those who know me or have followed my blog for very long, know I love superheros!  I also love Broadway musicals (my favorite CD in Jr. High was Phantom of the Opera).  It therefore follows that I have a new, New York dream (one that comes after getting an agent and publisher, but only slightly).  My second New York dream is to SEE THIS SHOW:

This show is pretty much the ultimate compilation of everything I love.  Just for fun I'm going to make a list.
1. A classic, awesome superhero with one of the best supersuits ever.
2. Music by Bono and the Edge!! Hello.
3. An actor who looks a lot like I picture my MC from Immaterial.
4. Flying acrobatics
5. Broadway.
6. Rise Above (the song released on the finale of American Idol) is playing on my itunes right now and it was released on AI.  You also know how much I love that show. 

Just to prove my point I'll share the video with you.  You'll love it too! If you don't, just pretend like you do.  I will not tolearate opposing points of view on this blog post. :)



  1. Yeah, that was pretty awesome. I've heard a lot about this musical...but most of it has involved late night comedians making jokes about how much money it cost to make it. I'd love to think the money actually went to good use. :)

  2. We will get along great. I heart superheros. Seriously. Always have. I'd totally go see that with you! :D

  3. I think I heard something about the stunt spidey getting into accidents on stage. That was pretty cool, though. It made me think of Cirque, only with silken web instead of bedsheets.

  4. We tried to see this one while we were in New York. Jared really wanted to. But either it wasn't playing the night we could or it was sold out, I don't remember. And those are from very solid reasons for why you want to see it. :)

  5. Oh man...I wanna see this musical too. Did you see the SNL spoof of it? Not cool. Fun blog btw. I'd follow but the "Follow" button is missing.

  6. Sounds really cool! It was fun to meet you the other week and talk shop. :)

  7. Oh, we had tickets and we GAVE THEM BACK> Can you believe it? We were supposed to see it last Dec and we heard it was such a disaster that we postponed til March and then in march we heard it was still c complete mess (people in the cast were getting hurt left and right), so we returned and went to Mary Poppins instead!

  8. I love it. U2 members and Spiderman! Thanks for sharing.