I finished my first draft of Immaterial and #amediting (how is it Twitter tags are seeping into my everyday thoughts and grammar?).  I can only imagine what my communication will look like  in a year or two.  Probably something like this:

(Warning: If you don't speak Twitter, this will be gibberish)

Dear @lifelongfriend,

It's been way 2 long since we #YALitChatted.  Things have been hectic #Kidsoutofschool #BuyingaHouse #EpicEverythingFAIL.  By the way, did you catch #TheLastestRealityShow last night? Wasn't @FamousFemale so #annoying?  Good thing they have @FamousMale.  His hair looked AmaZING!! <----- I <3 him soo much!!! #stillhappilymarriedmomwithacrush  Glad we could catch up.  I #missyousomuch (#FF @lifelongfriend #TT @lifelongfriend #WW @lifelongfriend #MM @lifelongfriend )



  1. Haha.... is it disturbing that I read that with no problem whatsoever? Yay! Now I know that I will be reading something awesome very soon! Hooray! #exclamationpointsareveryappropriatehere #dontquestionme

    I always find myself trying to use tags in posts on Facebook... people there think there is something wrong with me.

  2. Dear J.R. Johansson,
    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for being a #newreader #stoppingby. Oh wait, is that you Jenn!? Your new moniker is kinda wiggin me out. #definitelynotaguy :)

  3. I'm still new to the twitter tag phenomenon. I really need to figure this out. Maybe in September. Congrats on finishing. We are in the same boat because I just finished my last round of edits as well. Here's to the next step - Querying - ugh.

  4. Total gibberish. Is there a class I can take to learn the Twitter language? If it's anything like german than there's no hope for me.

    Congrats on the finish!

  5. lol And I know you're talking about #TheVoice in that letter because @adamlevine's hair did look amazing. :)
    Says the #stillhappilymarriedmomwithahugecrush.

    And yeah, like J.R. (what the--?) I read it perfectly which is really sad. :)

  6. LOL! Awesome post! RT @CandiceRulz

  7. I'm see hashtags on Tumblr and Facebook, too. I hope I never see them in my students' essays, though. Some things seep into standard language when they're not supposed to.

  8. Ha! I find myself using them on facebook too. :P #gladyouarebloggingagain #missedyou :D