Road Trip

I just got back from ten days of vacation and four of them were spent driving. It's funny how many interesting things you come across when you're on the road for a total of 48 hours (the gas bill on the other hand, not so funny).  Here's a tally of the more interesting sights.

Accidents - 3
Accidents with bloody man walking on the road - 1
Pieces of tire littered across road - I forgot to count
Whole tire bouncing and rolling down the freeway while cars swerve right and left to avoid it - 1
Deer and elk lining side of the road - hundreds
Deer standing in the middle of the road - 1 (which also translates into near heart attacks -1)
Fast food restaurants - billions
GuadalaHonky's Americanized Mexican restaurant - 1
Crazy bumper stickers - hundreds
Ginormous, entire-car decal proclaiming, "His Body, His Choice. Just Say No to Circumcision." - 1

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I've driven across the country three times in the last 18 months and every trip is an education.  I'm just glad to be home.  Maybe I 'll post something useful after I recover a bit.  Happy Monday!!


  1. I must admit that I've never seen half of those things on any road trip. You lucky, lucky girl (minus the bloody man and the car decal). And billions? Really? :)

  2. GuadalaHonky's Americanized Mexican restaurant? I hope you stopped to eat there, or at least took a picture!! Glad you're back! ;)

  3. Wow... that sounds like quite a trip! I've just about cried over the cost of gas from driving only just over an hour to visit family a couple of times this week.

    Although... I am thinking about repainting my car with some kind of message now... I don't think I shove my opinions down other peoples' throats nearly often enough, I should get on that.

  4. That car decal is definitely interesting! LOL. :-)

  5. Four days of driving?! I guess I shouldn't feel bad about being tired from my two-hour flight yesterday. :) Good luck with the travel brain fog!

  6. I hate car accidents. It's my number one death fear. So are a billion fast food restaurants. Anyway, I'm glad you survived all those elk and deer.

  7. Ah, road trips. They're always amusing to hear about and talk about. Actually going on them? Not so much. :)

    Glad you made it back safe.

  8. Kasie,
    I think that means you need to take more road trips. I'll provide you with the destinations if I keep moving.

    I think that restaurant is by you. Didn't you say you live in Utah? We passed by it on the 15 it was right off the Draper exit. You should try it for me!

    I know. I felt really bad for him!

    I'll help you come up with a saying if you want. Maybe it could say something like, "My hair's better than yours." Or "Just say no to dangling participles."

    It was!! So was the driver. He looked angry. I'm not even kidding.

    Thanks! I'm sure it will dissipate in a day or two.

    You can only have one number one. That's why it's called a number one. So I command you to choose! I choose the billion fast food restaurants. Thanks to you I have a new outlandish, implausible and haunting fear of that kind of death.

    Amen. I know you feel my pain. You're the only one who has probably driven cross country more than me. TT!!

  9. I had to stop and ponder what image might have been on that ginormous decal. ;-)

  10. Ah fun. I was just planning a road trip for this summer over to San Francisco. I better keep a log so I can see all the crazy things you did. :)