The Week of Woe

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm dubbing this "The Week of Woe."  Just kidding, it's not in honor of Valentine's Day, but I am dubbing it The Week of Woe.  Why?  Well because this week, these people, are going here without me.  And I am very sad to miss the fun.  Granted, I was invited, and it was my choice not to go due to a crazy month, but don't let the unimportant details confuse the facts, which are:

1)Fun, lots and lots of fun, will be happening with out me. 
2)Writer gab, lots and lots of writer gab, will be happening without me.
3)Networking, lots and lots of cool people will be met without me.
4)Books, lots and lots of books, will be purchased and signed without me!

And if that isn't enough to send me into a complete tailspin of woe is me,  I also will miss out on giving Natalie her annual hug, drinking all of Jenn's Diet Coke and using her possessed toaster, seeing my fabulous twin Renee (She has an actual real twin, Diana, who is more twinny and cooler, but I started calling her my twin for other reasons.  Long story.), and laughing until my side hurts with my awesome bff, Kasie (who people do think is my twin). 

So basically, I'm sad and mopey and pitiful.  Therefore, I plan on being melodramatic and surly, very, very surly all week long.  Feel free to check in anytime you need a break from the ishy, squishy love-fest of Valentine's Day-week.


  1. Hey I feel ya Sis. Kennington (I'm not sure how I feel about calling you Candice, although you're probably fine with it)! V Day is dumb & I'm sorry you can't go to your book fun but you can facebook me anytime to complain & I will complain with you :)

  2. Megan! I order you to call me Candice. :) You are an adult for many years now (well not that many, but many enough).

  3. Candice!!! We will miss you SO much! :( It won't be the same without you. I'm not just saying that. :(

    How about this, each day of the conference, at high noon, I will propose a solemn toast of Dr. Pepper in your honor.

    And then a moment of tragic silence.

  4. Aww, I'm so sad you're not coming! I might not make it, but I'm planning to go to mingle, at least. *HUGS*

  5. I like Renee's suggestion. I will even partake of said Dr. Pepper just for you. And during the moment of silence I will let out a heart wrenching sob that will sound a lot like your name but nobody will quite be sure if it is because it will be so painfully uttered.

    I'll miss you.....(it's not too late to come). :) Woe and surliness is definitely in order.

  6. Oh, I'd be sad too. I'll pop over and feel bad with you, K?! :-)

  7. I'm sad that I'm missing it this year too :( We'll be moving over the weekend, which is one of those things that I guess takes precedence, lol.

  8. I want to do fun writer things, too. One day when my children can wipe themselves and I have money...

  9. Oh, these comments are too funny! I'm so sorry you're missing out... hope your week turns on you with a bunch of cool surprises you can boast about later :)

  10. Kasie and Renee,
    I accept all offers of gut wrenching sobs and solemn toasts!

    Mingling is the best part, and I will miss seeing you too!! You're one of the people I always look forward to talking to. :)

    Mr. O,
    Thanks! Misery does love company.

    I guess it does. Responsibility. Boo.

    See Tiana's response.

    I'm sure there will be good things this week. I can always find the silver lining, but I'm determined to only share the bad!! :)

  11. Possessed toaster misses you already...

    And so do I.