The Origins of the Stickfigure Blog Drawings

There are two reasons I draw stickfigures on my blog:

1.  I like to have something visual on my blog posts, and I can pull up Microsoft paint and do a drawing with my mouse in 30 secs flat!

2. My only other alternative to "drawing" something is to use an actual picture.  Which means I would either have to take one (I am not a photographer or a model), or find a random google image that may or may not be copywrited and stick it on my post. The problem is that even if I do find the perfect Google image and paste the url into the picture link, it could change.  Then when I print out my blog and look through it I may realize that in place of an American flag on my July post there are two random guys, wearing stocking caps under a street light, doing who knows what.  And now when my kids grow up and look through my family blog album they will forever ask why I have a picture of two shady dudes smoking a doobie. Hence the need for stickfigures (even though I'm clearly not an artist either).

I thought this drawing stickfigures thing was something new I created just for my blog, but then I was looking through my old college stuff and came across a few things that told a different story.

At first, these may just look like pictures of my extremely messy dorm room (Mom, look away).

But upon closer inspection you will find the poster my roommate had of a hot guy with his shirt off .  I was young and overzelously idealist (as college kids are prone to be) and against the objectification of women, which meant that I was there for equally against the objectification of men (because I was no sexist!),  so I decided to modify the poster to meet my standards.

 In case you're wondering what that lovely cursive writing says, I'll decipher it for you.  "& He has to have sexy nostrils."  What can I say.  I had high standards for my perfect guy.

So it appears I've had a penchant for random, skilless drawing much of my life.  If I were to look through my other memory boxes I would bet money that the stick figure phenomenon dates all the way back to my early toddler days.

*Here's the real poster.  Just in case you were wondering what lies under the stick figures. Clearly I'm not as idealistic as I once was.  Though I still do object to objectification (most of the time). ;)


  1. So who was the real guy beneath your stick figure guy?

    That's funny stuff, Candi. I knew you were my friend for a reason. We would've gotten along in college. :)

  2. Kasie, I posted a link at the bottom, just for you!

  3. The stick figure man is much sexier than the original poster. Well done. And sexy nostrils? SO important!!

    I love your drawings. :)

  4. How did I miss this? Sexy nostrils was NEVER part of my list. Oh well, I'll just have to check my husband when he gets home and hope for the best. *fingers crossed*


  5. Your stick figure drawings are one of my favorite things about your blog. :-)

  6. Love your drawing. So much better than the original!

  7. I love your drawings too! I'm all for stick figure people. I used to draw them all the time in high school and college. It was the one thing I could draw good. Well... the one thing I could draw... :)

  8. So the real question is, did sexy nostrils remain a high requirement for a mate?