Word to the Nerd(s)

In this world there are nerds a plenty.  As a life-long member of the group, I should know. The nice thing about nerds is that there isn't any one kind.  The term nerd refers to more of a broad classification of people than any one particular group. Don't believe me, let's review a few.

There is the shy nerd, the straight-line-walking nerd, the musical nerd, the oblivious nerd, the proud nerd, the fourteen-going-on-forty nerd, the gross nerd, the brilliant-to-the-point-of -being-an-imbecile nerd, and even the faux nerd--you know, the person who is actually really cool and just wears nerd as further proof of the fact that they are too cool for it to look nerdy on them.  Now you may consider that this isn't actually a classification of nerd, but rather a subtype of cool, but you would be wrong.  Why, you ask?   Because nerds are not exclusive, they're inclusive. They're lovers not haters, acceptors not rejectors. They protect their eyes and their pockets. 

One of the things I love most about nerds is often they think they know how nerdy they are only to find out they don't.  I learned this lesson over and over in my youth when I would suggest a "fun activity" to my friends only to be met with bland stares or raucous laughter. Consequently, I thought I had a firm grasp on my exact degree of nerdiness by adulthood.  I was wrong. In a recent conversation with my husband and some friends I talked about going to Jr. High and High School dances on time...

"You went on time?" my husband said with a look of "I thought after eleven years of marriage I knew you."  "Ya, what's wrong with that?"  
"Why would you do that?"  (this from another self proclaimed nerd)
"Because I wanted to talk to all my friends."
"Your friends were all there early too?"
insert laughter
"You were such a nerd!"

Yes, yes I was.  Apparently even more so than I realized.  But I'm a nerd, so I don't care that I was even nerdier than my nerd instincts told me I was. Nor does it bother me that another nerd is proclaiming my nerdiness as if I've sunk to even new nerdy depths. I'll add to it, proudly (because nerds don't deny, they implicate themselves further).  I also wore the dress my grandmother bought me for my first dance.  She had good taste.  No, really, she did. The dress was black velvet and taffeta with puff sleeves and layers of ruffles on the skirt.

So you may be asking, why do I proclaim my love of nerds and fiercely covet my position among them?  It's simple, the nerdy, pimply, drama kings and queens of today, turn into the famous movie stars of tomorrow.   The computer geeks of today end up as computer geeks of tomorrow, only a whole lot richer. Nerds provide us with literature and art and science and the need for the entire dandruff shampoo industry.  In short, they make the world go round, and they do it with their own flare, or lack thereof.  So today, I honor the nerds, and I do it as only a nerd could, by taking a trendy phrase and using it in a such a way as to suck all the cool right out of it. That's right I say, word.  Word to the Nerd.

Were you a nerd?  What was the nerdiest thing you ever did?


  1. I entered a science fair in high school. Does that count? Actually recently my husband told me he married a nerd, and all this time I thought I might be cool.

  2. I'm a nerd. My husband reminds me all the time because of my nerdy ways--yeah, so what, I like to watch classic BBC and movies that put him to sleep. So do a lot of people. I think it's a ruse to take my eyes off how nerdy he is. But I love his nerdy ways. I mean, who but a nerd would read the congressional yellow book?

  3. Yes! Yes! And I married a capital N erd. He even calls himself a Mathlete. Which if you ask me- is WAY cooler (or nerdier thus making it cool) than being an athlete.
    You are so right and so was my mom. She always told me- go for the nerds! They make the best husbands.
    My advice to my own daughter will be- do not take your eyes off your HS chess club pres. He's going places.
    I got C two shirts that say- "Go for the Nerds" and "Nerds Get Rich" and he even wore one out the door this morning!
    But in true Nerdiness fashion- not to tout his Nerdiness but because it was a clean shirt on top of the pile.
    I love Nerds in all types and styles!

  4. I can one-up Jessie. I was a member of the Science Olympiad team. Now THAT'S nerdy. :)

    I agree with you, though. The nerds are an inclusive group. A welcoming group. I'm a fan. :)

  5. Jessie, Yes! That counts in a classic nerd sort of way.

    Lois, Your husband just might be a political nerd, or activist nerd. I forgot to mention what a nerd I'm married to. I mean I mentioned it, but didn't give proof. I think I might need a part two.

    Self-Award nerd. Christian is one of my favorite types of nerds!

    Renee, Nerd fangirl and nerd "sport" participator. I am having way too much fun with the classifications here!

  6. Ha ha ha. I think we all remember moments when we were nerds, though, some of us fall into that category more than others. For what it's worth, though I didn't necessarily show up on time to dances, I was always fairly close ... :)

  7. That was the best dedication to nerds I've ever read.

    I have to admit that I always showed up late to the dances and wore jeans, maybe I was just trying too hard.

  8. I am (and was) a huge nerd. But, I married a jock. And I must say, he makes a pretty good husband. So, because I was a nerd and am inclusive in my love, I accept him in all his athletic ability.

  9. I'm a nerd. I failed P.E. Yup, P.E. when I was an honor roll student. I also read three or more books a week. Some things never change.

  10. I took extra classes before and after school. Yup. Nerd.