The rest of the story/contest winners!

I had the hardest time picking a winner for the "What's the Story?" contest. You guys were all so dang funny and creative, not to mention many of you came close to the real story.

Some of the entry highlights:
Tricia started things off with her finely honed funny skills and suggested that the mysterious object was a "a bang trimmer and reverse mohawk doer." Clearly my bangs were having a very bad day (actually year) when this picture was taken. As always, I would like to thank Tricia for raising the level of humor on my blog. It's much needed.

Chantele brought in the possibility of dream catchers and rain dances. Intriguing and the object did look distinctly Native American. Kasie later expanded on this idea to include an Indian Chief giving me a headdress and requiring me to dance, which I couldn't do since I only knew the running man.

Then my father decided to get in on the action and reveal to all my readers that this was simply how I looked every morning when I woke up. True. Thanks, Dad.

WolfLuva said I had a unicorn horn, which was funny in and of itself, but mostly I just love her screen name, Wolfluva. I almost gave her a prize based on that alone!

Also, I have to thank Jessie for interpreting the Chinese comments I always get. Jessie, can you take a job as a full time interpreter? If so, you're hired!

Seriously, I wish I had time to mention all the entries they were so great!

Laurel was the first to pick up on the Christmas tree. Kudos to her for her impressive observation skills. This was followed by many other Christmastime theories.  Indeed it was Christmas, and I loved all the variations on what could be causing the look of teenage angst on my face.  But it was Mary who came closest to the truth with the following explanation:

I think you're at your grandparents house at Christmas time and your wondering when you can go home - the party's getting kind of lame. The blurry dangler is one of your grandma many homemade ornaments.

I was at my Grandparent's house for Christmas Eve.  I was helping with the traditional Christmas Eve program and getting ready to play some Christmas songs on the piano.  The ornament was one of many homemade ornaments on my grandmother's tree. 

The only thing Mary didn't get right was the reason for my expression.  I actually loved being at my grandparents during Christmas.  What I didn't love was getting my picture taken, and my little sister was the queen of picture taking. She tried to be sneaky and get one from behind the tree, but as you can see I caught her.  This picture is famous in my family.  I was that year's official Grinch.

 Recognize me now?

For her excellent guessing skills I award Mary with first prize, a pre-order copy of Kiersten White's Paranormalcy, which comes out the end of this month and a lovely stick figure drawing. Congratulations,Mary and thanks for participating.

Second place goes to Laurel for picking up on the Christmas theme in the first place. Laurel gets bragging rights and a stick figure drawing of her choice.

Mary and Laurel, let me know what you would like me to draw. It can be anything, I promise I will do my best! Mary if you could shoot me an email with your address at candice_kennington(at)comcast(dot)net I will get that book ordered for you today!

Thanks to everyone who participated. I really thought the entries were awesome and wish I was rich enough to give you all a book! I think I will run a similar contest in the future so that I can give away copies of upcoming author's books. I like the idea of supporting debut authors.


  1. Yay - I won!!! So excited. I really loved being at my grandparents house on Christmas eve too even though sometimes it was lame. I'm really embarrassed that you reposted my comment - I misused - you're/your a few times. Honestly people i know how to use them, but sometimes when I'm in hurry I forget.
    thanks for the contest candace. I'll e-mail my address now.

  2. I keep trying to e-mail you Candice, but the the e-mail won't go through.

  3. Mary, I'm so sorry! There's an underscore between my names, candice_kennington... I'm going to fix it in the post now.

  4. Congrats Mary! :) I think you really do need to try a rain dance with a head dress sometime! ;)

  5. Chantele,
    My father actually works on a reservation and my parents have lots of Native American stuff. I bet I could drum up something resembling a headdress somewhere. :) Not to mention I'm moving to South Dakota next week, so maybe you're on to something.

  6. Good luck with the move! I love your stick figure drawings by the way. Totally cool. :)

  7. I like the idea of supporting debut authors, too : )

    Thanks, Candice! What a fun contest. And you're way cuter than the Grinch. ESPECIALLY the Jim Carrey version.

  8. Okay, that's an awesome story. I like the whole picture. I can see how it became the family joke. Congrats Mary!