AI and Querying Fun.

First off, I want to cover the important stuff going on this week--American Idol. The top twelve are about to be chosen! Yep, things are getting interesting. I'm rooting (at least for now) for Alex Lambert. That kid can sing and I never thought a sflb (short front long back) haircut could be so cute. I must admit his first performance was PAINFUL. He looked so incredibly awkward, but man did he come back and now I'm rooting for him. Other contestants I really like, Siobhan, Michael, and Crystal and Lily. What about you guys?

Now on to writing. I'm working on my query letter. It is WAY harder to write than I expected, even with awesome help (you know who you are). But I'm so happy to be moving along in the process. Wish me luck! Have a good week.


  1. I'm sort of slow comming into AI, but I did watch it last night. I like Big Mike, Todrick (cute and great name)and I like Alex, too, but not so much the mullet (aka sflb). If he wins and brings the mullet back, then I'll have to rescind my favourable opinion. :)

    All the best with your query.

  2. I like Alex too - he has a great voice, but hate the mullet. I also really like Siobhan - can't believe Simon didn't like her song - hers is the one I remember the most. I Crystal and Lily. Casey is hot, but not my style of music. I enjoy Lee and Michael. Actually the only ones I don't care about losing are Paige, Katelyn, Lacey and Todrick. I would've said Tim had to go, but he did a great job on his song last night.
    Good luck on your query.

  3. Elle,
    Yes, I hope the Mullet doesn't end up as the next fad. That would be bad. I think I just like the fact that Alex wears it so proudly. Ellen always comments on it and it makes me laugh (in a nice way, not mean-spirited).

    You nailed it! I agree with your assessment. Though I have to say, I thought Todrick sounded great last night.

  4. Good luck on the query writing - fingers and toes crossed! :-)

  5. Man, I really have been neglecting my Idol watching this season. I must mend my ways.

    I did, however, catch the very last two of the boys performances last night. I thought they were both fantastic!

    And as for querying, YAY! I'm so excited for you!

  6. Good Luck! Querying must be exciting, as well as a struggle I'm sure! I can't wait to get to that stage, though I know that's a ways away!

  7. I like Casey and Toderick. Last night I only liked Toderick because all the others did similar stuff, boring with an acoustic guitar. I like Alex, his looks remind me of John Lennon/Jackson (from Hannah Montana)

    The girls are much better but my two favorites are Crystal and Siobhan