Love - Beatnik Style

A couple of weeks ago Renee joked that she could imagine me reading something I wrote Beatnik style.  So I thought, hmmm I can do Beatnik.  I'll just write a rhythmic poem ending in death. (That may not be the actual, technical definition of Beatnik poetry.  Also, actual Beatniks may or may not take their poetry writing more seriously than I do.) So without further ado I present to you LOVE, beatnik style (or more accurately, my perception of Beatnik)

Perfect semblance of potential unrequited adoration
Unspoken obsession
Worshipping the notion of what could be
Reason, speaking softly doles out temperance
Blessed temperance
Cursed temperance
Longing builds to ecstasy when first met with hope
Heightened need and hesitation
He loves me
He loves me not
Then the magnificent first declaration
The sun rises on our love
It flows across the sky
Brilliant perfection 
Until sunset
Behind the mountain an explosion of scarlet and crimson
The color of love
The color of death*

*It should be noted that I take love seriously and do not actual equate it with death.  However Valentine's Day (and month), or the time when the commercial world tells you that you are required to show your love, I cannot take seriously. Ever.


  1. Candice,

    Can I share this with a teacher friend of mine who actually teaches beatnik style poetry to some of our at-risk students? I think they (and he) would absolutely LOVE this poem!

    It really does sound beatnik! You rock. :-)

  2. The amazing, multi-talented, Candice does beatnik very well.

  3. Very well done.

    Me and my husband started dating on Feb. 13, so February holds a special place in my heart, but not because of Valentine's Day

  4. I love it!! I could just hear the soft clatter of the bongo drums in the background.

    And actually, Candice, it's an excellent poem. Great meter and flow. Nice imagery. I really enjoyed it. :)

  5. That was some serious beatnik poetry, although I would have appreciated a break from the drawing to see an actual picture of Candice in a beret and sunglasses. Anyway, I'm horrible at poetry. Also, you have one more follower than me right now. I bet you didn't know we were competing. Neither did I until now. The race is on.

    Did you get your chocolate poo?

  6. As much as Candice jokes, she is actually a very good poet. I love her poetry. This one included. Great job, Candi. I think you did it quite well.

  7. Good job.
    I couldn't help but notice you posted on Wed. and not Thurs. Go to my blog where I gave you an award and a pat on the back for being a regular Thursday poster. :)
    I did disclose that it was only if you wanted to. You know, so know one can sue me for your blogging on a different day.

  8. Shannon,
    Of course! I would love for him to use my poem.

    Thanks. I don't know if that's actually true, but I've always though beatnik was kind of fun and interesting.

    I actually realized I was interested in my husband on Valentine's day, but we didn't go on our first date until the 20th. I guess no matter how I rebel against it, Valentine's day has an effect on me.

    You're too kind. Maybe I've missed my calling in life. I do own a lot of black and several hats. :)

    I just got the chocolate poo!! It's wrapped so nicely. Very fancy shmancy. Thanks! I didn't realize we were competing either, but I always rise to a challenge. :) (I guess being Kasie's nemesis just isn't keeping you busy enough these days.)

    You're always good for my confidence. p.s. six days!!!

    Thanks for the award. I actually intended to post this on Thurs. I thought it was Thursday until I talked to Kasie at like five in the evening and she said, "what's up with the Wednesday posting?" And I realized it was Wednesday. My brain just doesn't keep track of that kind of stuff very well. :)

  9. Even when you're joking, your talent at poetry and writing shines through!! I love this!

  10. Candice -

    I emailed your poem to my friend and he LOVED it. He said he is definitely going to use it with his students. Thanks for letting me share it! :-)

  11. I love the fact that the Valentine's phenom makes you want to rebel. I totally feel that way about some of the invented holidays like mother's and father's day. I want to love my parents in my own unique way, thanks, and I don't need pressure from you tree-killing thugs at Hallmark to tell me how! LOL.

    And the poem is great. I like the internal rhyme especially. Nice.

  12. Shannon,
    I'm so glad. I'm thrilled he liked it.

    I think I may have a bit or a rebel inside me. Down with Hallmark. ;)

  13. The amazing, multi-talented, Candice does beatnik very well.

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