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First, I want to say thank you to Tiana for giving me the Happy Blog Award.

Tiana has a wonderful blog that I suggest you check out!

Secondly, I would like to encourage you to go enter Jessie's Cowpie contest!  If you like talking about the end of the world and eating giant poo shaped chocolate than this contest is for you!  Who doesn't love that kind of stuff?

In an effort to avoid writing the end of my book (I've been like two chapters from finishing for almost a month now), I decided that it was imperative I enter her one paragraph contest with a three hundred word story.  Yes, I totally cheated, and know I probably cant win as a result, but the important thing is that I found something I  "needed" to do more than finish my book.    And since I only posted a semi-blog yesterday, I thought today I would post my contest entry.  Only this version is a spell checked, unlike the comment version. I call it:

Dairy Apocolypse: The Tragic End of Cowpies and Chocolate

Barbie and Kenneth laid on their backs staring at the sky.  The ash and smoke swirled above them in hues of russet and auburn.   Barbie thought it looked like rows of giant cow pies melted together by the heat of the sun they blocked out. 
                Kenneth reached for her hand and interlaced his fingers between hers.  “In a way it’s beautiful.  Like a sky of molten chocolate.” 
                “Yeah,” she said, “that’s just what I was thinking.  Except just there,” she pointed to a particularly swirly section of sky, “that one reminds me of cow pies on my grandpa’s ranch right before the war broke out, and all the cows were killed. I used to love the way the smell of manure hung in the air and mixed with the scent of cut hay…” The last word was muffled by the lump that rose in her throat.
“It’s okay,” he said.  “Let it all out.  Talking about your feelings is the first step to healing.” 
She felt so lucky to have him.  He was the only one she could talk to.  Even if he hadn’t been the last man on earth she still would have chosen him as a confidant.   She took a deep breath and continued.
“Now that cows are extinct…” 
She let the implication hang between them.  Kenneth gave her hand a squeeze.  She knew he could hear the pain in her words.   He felt it too, the loss of cows meant there would be no dairy for chocolate.  The swirls in the sky would be the closest to cow pies or chocolate they ever came again.

A tear rolled down Barbie’s face.  Kenneth pulled her to him and pressed her head against his chest. 
“We’ll survive.  We’ll adapt.  We have each other.  That’s all that matters.”
He was right.  She was strong.  They lay listening to the absence of sound around them.  There were no crickets chirping, no grass rustling, only the wind.  Then something broke the silence.
“Do you hear that?” Kenneth sat up so fast Barbie’s  head hit the dry dirt with a thud.
“What is it?” she said sitting up and rubbing the back of her skull with one hand.
“Be quiet.  Listen carefully.”
She held perfectly still and strained her ears.  Then a faint noise was carried on the wind.  It can’t be.  But it was.  Her heart soared they were saved, for amidst the dry desolation and absence of sounds of life could be heard the faintest reverberations of a,  MOO

If you want to enter to win what Barbie and Kenneth both longed for  click here to go to Jessie's contest


  1. I'm still laughing at this. I love it. And I love that cow pie chocolate over at Jessie's blog. Mmm cowpie.....

  2. Wow, thanks for the shout out. Your story cracks me up.

  3. You are awesome, Candice. And so is Jessie's hilarious contest! :-)

  4. Ok, am I the only one kinda grossed out by the along-side-each-other references to chocolate and cow poo?


    Cute story though!

  5. No chocolate?! OH THE HORROR!!!!!! =O

    Heh, your story cracked me up.

  6. No chocolate is definitely a sign that the world is coming to an end. I'm not sure how I can top that story.

  7. LOLOL! I love your story!

    And by the way, you won a British Candy bar on my blog...

    I need your address!

  8. Haha! This is hilarious!! I would be sad if there were no more chocolate, but I honestly think I would miss milk even more...Yum!

  9. Lois,
    Ken likes to be called Kenneth. Just kidding. ;) Aren't my characters original?

    I know, mmm. I thought Jessie's reward was very hilarious!

    Anytime. I'm only sorry I didn't follow your directions (to be honest I've never been great at that following directions thing).

    Aw, thanks. And yes, I agree.

    Yes, the two are a bit close for comfort, but since the prize is giant chocolate cowpie it seemed appropriate.

    Indeed! And truly, I think you could easily top my silly story with one well-written paragraph.

    WOOHOOO!! Speak of chocolate and it shall appear. Awesome!

    I'm more worried about the ice cream to be honest.

  10. You're just so incredibly funny and talented. Finish your book - I want to be entertained some more.

  11. No milk?! No chocolate?! Oh! The humanity! ;)

    Love the story. As always, you crack me up.

  12. Just found another post about a cowpie. What's happening to the world!? lol :P

  13. I have an award for you at my blog.