The Bullet, a token from my holiday season.

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I know I did. I just returned from three weeks in Arizona, otherwise known as the land of eternal sunshine. I was so happy to escape the cold of Ohio that I didn't even mind not having a white Christmas. But now I'm back and the weather gods thought they would play a funny joke and send a storm my way. We're supposed to get four inches of snow today. The only bright side is that my husband may get sent home early from work to avoid the storm. Anyway... I ramble. Back to what we all love, writing.

I set a goal this month. Not a New Year's resolution, but a goal for January. I am about to finish my second book (Jaded, the one pictured in the post below), and I've decided that I'm ready to enter the world of querying in earnest before the month is out. To do that I'm going to finish the last couple chapters, re read my manuscript a couple more times, do some final fine tuning, and then send out my book to readers in ten days. Most of my beta readers are really, wonderfully fast and send me back edits within a week, so I'm planning on sending out queries before January is over. Wish me luck.

Soon I will be getting plenty of rejections and hopefully a few requests. I'm so lucky to have lots of friends who have gone through this process before me and shown me the way. Many of them are now represented and some even have publishing dates, but I know it took a lot of work and waiting to get there, so I'm expecting the same, but I'm hopeful.

In other unrelated news I would like to say that I left the the holiday season with a something I would rather not have, a new haircut. After six months of avoidance I decided I had to find someone to cut my hair, so to be safe I went to a nice salon and paid way to much for what I got. In fact I think the stylist should pay me remunerations for my pain and suffering. Frankly I could have done a better job with my own kitchen utensils.

  If you want to know what it looks like imagine the melding of a bowl cut with a mullet. So attractive. I call it the Bullet.

I would show you an actual picture, but I don't want to burn your eyes.

Let's just say there's no dressing this thing up.  If I wear blue to try and bring out the blue of my eyes, I just bring out the bowl of the bullet.  If I wear a hat I bring out the mull.  The bullet is like Niel Diamond and Broadway tunes it's a combination of two thing that should never have met, but once they do the result is unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

Can you think of any other combinations that are so unnatural their unforgettable?


  1. Awesome that your almost ready to query - good luck. So sorry about your haircut. You know what they say though - two weeks is the difference between a bad and good haircut. I always go to walk-in places to get my haircut - that way if it's bad I know I didn't pay too much. Ironically I usually like my haircut and I only pay $12 for it.

  2. Oh, you poor thing! Bad haircuts are the worst - traumatizing, even. The up-side is that we got some fun drawings out of it.

    Congrats on nearing the query process. I'll cross my fingers and toes for you.

    Welcome back! I have really missed you! :-)

  3. Bad haircuts suck, luckily hair grows.

    Good luck querying. I'm entering that realm at the end of the month as well.

  4. Oh no, I let my aunt cut my hair once... and I cried for a day. :) In brighter news I wish you luck on your queries!

  5. Oh my. Neil. How COULD you?

    Sorry about the evil 'do. I've been there.

    It seems we're on the same schedule. I've got my novel out with betas now and am planning to query starting in Feb. Good luck with yours.

  6. I laughed out loud at the thought of Neil doing Broadway! And thanks for not burning our eyes.
    It is so exciting that you're about to query!! Good luck! Maybe someday I'll get to that stage, too.

  7. Good luck on entering the query trenches, Candice! I've heard nothing but good things about your work!

    And sorry about the haircut:( Do you dare get it fixed?

  8. Glad you're back! I'm excited for you to be almost ready to query. I'm sure you'll have requests for partials and fulls in no time.

  9. Mary,
    It's been a few weeks and I must say it's improving the haircut marginally.

    Thanks for the well wishes and for missing me. :) I'm glad to be back and catching up on all your blogs.

    Good luck to you too! I'm getting really excited to finally get out there.

    I might have cried a little too. Though I hate admitting that since it seems so superficial to cry over a haircut, but it can make such a difference in how I feel!

    I'm so glad I won't be alone in the query trenches. These days it seems most my friends have agents! Hopefully we will too.

    I'm sure you will. I've been really slow getting here, but I didn't want to do it before I knew I was ready.

    I really wanted to get it fixed, but the one person I trusted to fix it lives in AZ and was out of town while I was there. I fear that if I go to someone I don't know they'll just make it worse and I won't have anything to work with left.

    Thanks for your undying faith in my writing. I certainly hope it's not misplaced. :)

  10. I really want to see that haircut. I've been tempted to do a homemade haircut lately because it's long and ugly and the air is dry so it sticks up everywhere. I like the kitchen knife idea. And white Christmases are so least when you are a mature adult. We couldn't even go out Christmas Eve and celebrate at my parents because of a snowstorm...and a husband from Texas. AND, I haven't left my house for SIX DAYS!! because of this awful snowstorm and20 below windchill. Just venting. That's all. Good luck on getting you book out this month.

  11. Candi, just because you will never forget Neil singing that song, doesn't mean you have to permanently burn it into our memories as well! Come on! LOL

    Two things that should never exist? How about Krispy Kreme donuts and chicken? Like a Krispy Kreme donut chicken sandwich. You think I'm kidding but my husband ordered one at the fair a few years ago. Right after he ate a fried twinkie. Oh, the horror.

    I'm so excited to get your book in my in-box! Make it so.

  12. Can I be a beta???? Please, please, please? And I hear you're coming this way for LTUE! I'm so excited!


  13. ah, querying agents. Never done it myself, but I hear it can be fun. :)

    Sounds like you got a shag haircut. They can be cute. Try it out for a bit, if you don't like it, have hubby chop it some more.

  14. If nothing else is commented on by me about your posts, let me just say this, I love your drawings. They add so much to your posts and crack me up :)

    Thanks for brightening my day.

  15. Candice! Good to have you back! I've missed you. :)

    I have to say that I am very excited for you to enter the querying world. It's quite a place. But you'll be in good company. :)

  16. First : GOOD LUCK on the queries and congrats on your work!

    second - I am looking for a new stylist too - ugh ugh! the last time I had a weird haircut as well - undid all my growing out from the last bad haircut *laughing*.....bleah

  17. I love the name Bullet. I think I'll ask for one next time I get a haircut. Oh, wait no. I forgot I live in Fresno, where I might actually get a real bullet.

  18. Good luck with querying! I'm not worried about the haircut. Despite the excellent illustrations, I am convinced you could make even "The Bullet" look good girly. :)

  19. Jessie,
    That doesn't sound fun. At least it's a good time for being cozy with the new baby.

    Sorry for sharing, but I felt compelled to prove my point. And wow, that does sound like a horrible, yet strangely tempting combination.

    Yay for LTUE I can't wait to see everyone!

    Scathing Reviewer,
    I'm finding that a little mousse and some intense blow drying are helping it a bit.

    I do what I can. Which is very little, but I'm glad my drawings brighten your day.

    HI! I facebooked you cuz I was missing you.

    Mine undid all the growing out too! I think that's what upset me the most!

    Thank Kasie for the name. I said I had a cross between a bowl cut and a mullet and she suggested I call it the mullet. And I think you're right about actually getting it in Fresno. Caution is advised when throwing that term around.

    You're very sweet. And I could use a little luck, but I also happen to think your help is lucky, so I'm anticipating it with my query letter. :)

  20. I bet that haircut is good luck. You might as well get SOMETHING good out of it. :)

    As for other unnatural combos, I actually saw a guy with an afro mullet once. I had to wash my eyeballs after that one.

  21. Why do I think your Niel Diamond comment is actually a jab at your dad? However, I agree he should have left that one alone. Love Ya
    Dad :-)