Juxtapose this!

First I want to say thank you to two lovely ladies who gave me the lovely blog award this week, Natalie Murphy, and Mary.  Two lovely blog awards, I must admit I'm flattered and surprised considering I drew stick figures of horrible death last week. But I will accept them thankfully and, in part, because I like the juxtaposition of pink roses and delicate teacups next to death and horror and my frightful lack of drawing talent.  Thanks ladies!

Now on to the business of today's word rant. (In case you haven't noticed, I like words.  I'm guessing a lot of you like them too since you're writers.)

Juxtapose: to place two or more items side by side, especially in order to suggest a link between them or emphasize the contrast between them.

Unlike last  week's word, literally (I shudder just to type it again), I actually love the word Juxtapose.  For starters, it's just a cool word.  How could it not be with both an x and a j in it?  How rare is that?  Jinx, Jax, Jukebox... It's like one of four words in the English language (yeah, that's a total guess) with that combination.  And as we all know, rarity equals high points in scrabble, one of life's staples of entertainment (also the only game I can ever beat my husband at).

Cool fact about the word, Juxtapose: If you could somehow link two other words together and use all of your seven tiles in scrabble to spell it, it would be worth 73 points (assuming the letters you linked were a and o because those only count for one point).  That's 23 points for the word and 50 points for using all your tiles.  If you were on a triple word score, it would be 219 points, and if your x was on a double letter score it would be 243.  Wow, you just won the whole game with one word.  How many words do you know that can offer you that?  Not literally(it's worth a lame 11 points).
Juxtapose is for sure the only cool word in scrabble.

Then there's the matter of the way it sounds.  If you didn't know what it meant, it could be almost anything, like an awesome invention:
"Have you seen the juxtapostion I just bought for the laboratory?"

Or maybe a deadly ninjitsu move:

"Surrender or you're going to feel the wrath of my roundhouse juxtaposition!"

It also works as a slang.

"Dude, don't be such a Juxta-Poser."

If you're willing to ignore it's meaning, the list of uses could be endless.  And it's non discriminatory.  Did  you notice how I used it for geek speak, tough-guy talk, and colloquial gangsta'?

In conclusion, Juxtapose, only a word, but if used decisively, may win you friends, influence people and unite geeks and gangsters.

***After reading the draft of today's post my husband said, "Next time someone asks you what you write you should say, Juxta-prose."  I love a clever man. ***


  1. Juxtapose is one of favorite words. Your Scrabble illustration was... wow!

  2. The gangsta guy had me rolling! Clever, clever, hehe

  3. Funny post Candice!

    Your illustrations were fab.

  4. Too clever! And well thought out, I might add.

    On a side note, I think your illustrations are getting better, if that's even possible! :)

  5. You may have a clever husband, but I'm thinking you're the more clever of the pair.

  6. Please don't emphasize things with stars. It brings back bad memories for me. :) You're funny. I like that the gangsta has an old boom box. Your gangster references are stuck in the 90's. :)

  7. Thanks everyone, you all make me feel so blog-loved.

  8. And you're a Scrabble fan?! Candice, this is getting insane. We totally need to challenge each other to a game on Facebook. :)

    Love the post, also. :) So funny! I admit that juxtapose isn't a word I use as often as I should. But I'm feeling inspired now. New goal!

  9. JenE,
    I just realized that you might be right. I had nowhere to go but up from last weeks illustrations.

    You know I love me some 90's gangsta'!

  10. Definitely a good word, I almost forgive you for the rant on literally:P Poor word.

  11. Patti,
    Since it's my blog I do tend to outshine my husband here, but the reality is there's a reason he beats me at every game except scrabble.

    It's so on!!

  12. Natalie,
    Alas, I am not big-hearted enough to love all words equally. It's one of my major shortcomings.

  13. I hope this illustrating your word-posts thing is going to become a regular installment, like Renee's photoshops.

  14. very funny and clever. I do love your drawings.

  15. Natali, Mary, Shelli, Thanks!

    Jessie, I don't know if I can commit to anything regular, but by telling myself it's not regular. In fact, if I tell myself it's not a regular thing, then I'm probably more likely to do it. :)

  16. I am laughing aloud at my computer right now and my students are staring at me...shhh! I loved both the juxtaposition AND the literally posts - brilliant! However, I think following this comment string is even more entertaining than your soon-to-be-award winning drawings. :-) I love this site!!

  17. Shannon,
    Yay, I made you laugh at an inappropriate time. I can't tell you how much I love inappropriate laughter! We must be friends already. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I noticed from your blog that we share a love of Fablehaven.