Yes, I'm falling behind on my NaHoCleMo.  Let's just get that out of the way.  It's a bit embarrassing, but I do have three good excuses.  1) I've been sick.  2) I was out of town for three days  3) I don't like cleaning the house.

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to post about today and nothing really came to mind.  I think I've been too caught up with finishing yet another edit on my book (which is done, YAY!).  But then I remembered this book I saw when my husband and I were wandering the book store on our last date.  Which, by the way, we totally saw the guy who plays the PC on the Mac commercials.  He was doing a reading from his book (hilarious).  Apparently, he was a professional literary agent, turned journalist, turned book writer, turned Mac commercial dude.  Anyway... I digress. As we were wandering the bookstore together, because it was a date, I passed into the "New Age" section on the way to the "Philosophy" section (it was where my husband wanted to go and we were taking turns, otherwise you would never find me in "Philosophy" while there were still novels left to be read).  I discovered that there are just as many if not MORE books about vampires and witches and "mythical creatures" (I use quotes because this was a non-fiction part of the store) in the New Age sections as  there are in the YA section. And in the middle of them all was a HUGE shiny book of spells.

These were real spells, people.  I looked.  Like potions and chants and symbols.  Now I'm not one to buy into the mystical arts (at least not in the self-help/non-fiction sort of way), but if I were, I would probably try and figure out the right combination of things to say and do to magically create the perfect book.  It would definitely take some trial and error, but since I did a rewrite this week that I'm rather happy with, I might start with a few key ingredients from the last seven days and go from there.  My spell would include the following elements:

1. A trip to see someoneI adore.   I took a trip to attend my VERY (sorry Jenny) pregnant sister's baby shower.

 She's going to kill me for posting this, but it's part of the spell.  I had to do it.  And Jenny, lets face it, you're a babe! Besides pregnant is totally in right now.

2. Dayquil and a whole lotta germs.  I got sick on the way home and completely grossed out the passengers who were required to share my air for six hours. Every spell requires something disgusting.  Consider this my proverbial rat's tail.

Dude, What's your problem? 

3.  Mood Music.  I just downloaded a new Sarah McLachlan and Michael Buble song.

 I love my shiny, blue box of musical wonder.

4. Writer's brew.  Some of you may disagree on the choice, but really there's only one place with 60,000 combinations.  

Seriously, Sonic should start compensating me for all the free publicity I give them.  I would  accept limeades as payment.

5. And last but certainly not least, a Coven.  Otherwise known as Betas.

Don't be offended.  You guys are WAY hotter.  This is just the expression I imagine when you're reading my first drafts.


What would be your magical book-writing potion ingredient?


  1. I heard faery dust is all the rage and I liked #3. I don't like cleaning either.

  2. haha, I love your magic potion. Especially the writer's brew. :)

    That's pretty close to mine. I'd, of course, change the Sonic cherry limeade to Dr. Pepper, and the Sarah McLachlan to film scores. But other than that, pretty similar. :)

    P.S. Yay for finishing edits!! I'm very happy to hear this.

  3. So funny Candice! Congrats on finishing your edits--that is such a great feeling!

    I think my magic potion would include a lot of quiet time, unlimited Oreos, and a baby snuggle once an hour :)

  4. I love SONIC. I would take a Texas-size Sweet Tea any day.
    Though, the sugar high and headache from drinking it too fast wouldn't necessarily help me write a great book.

    For that, I need a daily reminder that writing, even when I'm not getting paid for it, is not a waste of time!

    BTW, I love the picture of your Betas.

  5. I love your list and your drawings. And congrats on finishing your edits.

    When I write the perfect book, I'll let you know the ingredients for the potion. Or maybe I'll write a spell book for writers and THAT will get published. :-)

  6. Your sister looks awesome! I wish I looked that good pregnant. My spell recipe would be a touch of stay-at-home weather, a large dose of good behavior from my child, and a few dragon eyeballs.

  7. Patti,
    A little faerie dust would be awesome. Now I have to find a distributor. And I've come to believe that music is a staple of ever writer's life...except Jessie, I seem to recall that she doesn't like music. Jessie, if you're reading this, that's just weird!

    Didn't you say once that you tried Dr. Pepper with blue coconut or something like that at Sonic? And I'm a film score girl myself. Lord of the Rings is one of my all time favorites, followed closely by The Mission.

    Your magic potion is THE magic potion. I think it would cure anything!

    It is soo not a waste of time! I feel like if my novels only sit on my shelf at home for my kids to read it will be worth the time it took to write them.

  8. Linda,
    I would buy it! Of course I would buy anything you write cause you know I love your writing!

    I know, isn't she adorable. I've never been pregnant, but I have a feeling if I were it would not be pretty!

  9. I was hoping to make it into your potion, but I'll be happy that at least my hair made it in! (see Coven for detail)...

  10. Nicki,
    I'm giggling right now because I'm thinking of the "scary eyes," poofy hair story. Your hair so awesome, and way bigger than the picture!

  11. This is hillarious! And yes, your prego sister is very cute.

    As for the ingrediants for my spell, it would definitely include a Red-Monster (energy drink) along with sitting for 12+ hours straight & essence-of-child-screaming-in-your-ears. Mix it all in a pot, with love, and voila!

  12. What would we do without our magical boxes of musical wonder?

    And cleaning--schmeaning... Seriously, I gave up before I even started.

  13. Candice,

    I just love your funky little drawings - I always look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next! :)

    My brew would include:
    naps (lots of them)
    latte's (nice and hot)
    music (preferably K-LOVE)
    chocolate (w/caramel and nuts!)

    What could be better than that? ;-)

  14. Love your pics. And I love the Mac/PC commercials. Those guys are funny.

    I don't know that it's the perfect formula, but it's seemed to work so far:

    A worn in recliner (slightly broken)
    A rockin' macbook
    An interrupting toddler
    Junior Mints
    And Awesome Betas

  15. I'm so desparate for a potion that I played with aromatherapy for awhile. I bought several different essential oils to concoct a potion for focus, one that would enable me to write and only write and achieve writing goals because I had not gotten distracted. Alas, it did not work. I got so involved in creating different scents that that in itself was a distraction.

  16. Voidwalker,
    How could I forget the child screaming. That is undoubtedly one of my essential ingredients! Thanks for reminding me.

    Apparently I gave up too... I mean really the amount my meter has gone up is barely enough to make my house livable.

    Ooo, chocolate, always a great ingredient. I prefer the Lindt truffles these days.

    What about we both add someone to vent to on a daily basis. :)

    Tricia, LOL! I think you've discovered the perfect distraction spell.

  17. housecleaning? Yikes. You're a better person than me.

  18. I would invent a mixture of ingredients and create a candle, that whenever I smelled it's scent the words would fly out of my hands and onto the paper *well, computer screen.*

    Result: the perfect writing potion.

  19. Hmm I think mine would be chocolate--preferably triple chocolate cake with lots of chocolate chips on top :P

    Housecleaning?? What's that? I believe I've forgotten what that word means...

    BTW found your blog through Sara :) I'm loving the pictures!