The joy of creating

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I’ve noticed that every writer classifies their writing a bit differently.  It may be a job, an academic pursuit, a hobby, an artistic outlet, or any combination of these things.  For me writing is still a somewhat relaxing activity, though as I become more dedicated and set higher standards for myself it is becoming more work.  

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  There is a lot of satisfaction that comes from working hard and seeing your efforts rewarded in the form of a thick manuscript.  But I do find that I still need a secondary hobby, something that is purely for the love of doing it.  For me that that is often flower arranging.  I usually just make arrangement for my home or my friends and family.  Occasionally I help out with events (like my sister's wedding) but I try not to make it a job.



I love flowers.  They’re so… organic.  Even pictures of them make me happy (except when they're on wallpaper). I just love cutting them from the garden (especially if it’s my garden).  I love taking them in their thorny, twisty, wild state and creating order out of the chaos.  I love using things that are not typically associated with bouquets and throwing them into the mix. 



  It’s a bit like writing in that there are base core materials and principles for good flower arranging, but how you use them for any given arrangement will vary from person to person.  And even if you use the same elements no two bouquets ever look the exactly the same.  The flowers and hands that craft them are too unique.   



I think it’s a good idea to have sources of enjoyment and relaxation outside of writing.   I personally need other artistic outlets.  I know may of you enjoy photography, drawing, painting, music and any number of other pursuits.  So I’m curious do you consider writing a hobby, a job, a source of enjoyment?  And what do you consider your other pursuits?  Do they help you relax?  Are they your job and writing is your hobby? Is writing your job?  Can it be both a hobby and a job?


  1. I think I am in the middle. It is still somewhat of a hobby, but it is transitioning to a job more and more every day.

    My hobby is reading and playing board/card games. That is what I love to do to relax--besides getting pedicures, of course. ;)

  2. I agree with Jenn. Writing is still a hobby, but a really intense one.

    I play soccer to get my mind off my characters, plot and setting.

  3. Writing is still in the hobby category for me. I also enjoy creating many things. I love to take pictures and edit them. I enjoyed designing my blog (although it is not finished.) I enjoy editting for friends. Of course I have a lot more to learn so I can only edit to my own abilities. But my list of hobbies goes on.

  4. Writing is in the work category for me since I've decided that this is the career I want. The job I have now is just to see me through until the fruition of my desired vocation. But maybe that's why it's been so hard for me write lately. Because I now see it as a job and the fear of failure is so great.

    As far as hobbies go, I have lots of them, scrapbooking, stamping, photography. I do realize that I have shied away from doing photography for money and now I see it was because I do want to keep it a fun hobby and not have to worry about whether my work is worth paying for. Course I didn't realize it until your post, so thanks. It makes more sense to me now!

  5. Jenn,
    Oh man do I need a pedicure! Reading is definitely high on the list for me too. If I get caught up in a book nothing else gets done. NOTHING.

    Physical activity is really good for clearing the mind. Yoga helps me the most when I just need to escape the incessant chatter of life.

    I enjoy your blog as well and you seem to have a very adventurous streak and to enjoy the world around you.

    I worry that if I make writing my career I won't enjoy it. That's why I want to have several books finished before I head in that direction. Then hopefully I won't feel pressure when I'm writing. And, I'm glad i could help. ;)

  6. Wow, you are really talented. Those are beautiful arrangments. And you have your own flower gardens? That is one of those "someday" things for me... Something I'd like to do but haven't made time for. And I don't think I have made time for another activity. I used to play the piano, scrapbook, run, but not anymore. And I still have a hard time finding time to write. I don't even watch TV. I hardly watch movies. I have not idea how I spend my time. Cooking and changing diapers I suppose. I enjoy cooking, but it is one of those have to do once a day things. And creative cooking costs money. Wow, I'm very boring.

  7. Jessie,
    Alas, I used to have my own flower gardens in CA. I planted bulbs and had Roses and Lillies, but here in Dayton I have grass (more like mowed weeds). Maybe that's why I've been a bit gloomy at times since I got here. I need to plant some flowers.

    You're not boring at all!! For one thing, travelling is a great hobby!

  8. Candice, your arrangements are gorgeous. You're such a classy lady. I hope by next spring and summer you'll have lots of flowers to cut and arrange. Much shorter growing season back there though. I bet you'll find lovely things to do with fall leaves and berries though.

  9. Awe Linda, I could and will easily say the same about you. You have class! And yes, I love leaves and berries. They are perfect for fall and winter arrangments!

  10. Oh, and what happened? I go away for a week and suddenly you're a regular on your blog?

  11. Of course you need another hobby because you are a well balanced person. I, on the other hand, have given up all outlets to any other part of the world in my obsession. Somebody save me. :)

  12. I still think those were the most beautiful wedding flowers I have ever seen!! (and I've been to a few:)

  13. Wow, insightful post! So far I consider writing still mainly a hobby, but a very serious one. My husband knows it's something he can't ask me to stop doing, and like his acting, it's something that might actually make us money one day, who knows.

    Your flower arrangements are gorgeous! That's something I could never do, even when I've tried. I' rather take pictures of them.

    I did get my new photography site up and running though. You can find it here: lGlam's Photography

  14. Kasie,
    You know me. I go in spurts.

    Thanks, but you're biased. :)

    You have a talent! And I think both your passions will make you money someday if you keep doing what you're doing.

  15. hi there, I've just stumbled upon your blog. I'm currently writing my first book and suffering from writer's blog ... ugh. Anyway, this post really cheered me up! I too love flowers but for me I like to make handbags and create in a kind of crafty way to unwind from writing. I've always written and simply see it is something I feel compelled to do, but since I've been writing the book (deadline looming) it has taken on more of a 'work' role because I have to push myself to produce and it's not just like the odd article; it's week after week. I'm not sure if this will decrease my love for writing - yet - but I'm certainly entering a new phase of my writing life. I'll be stopping by more!

  16. Alice,
    Thanks for stopping by. I check out your blog and I can see that you have many hobbies and are quite talented! I look forward to learning more about you and your writing.