Bad Sun!

I'm not feeling too hot after a day at the pool.  The sun is not generally my friend.  So to combat a headache and a mild case of the blues I sent my husband to Buffalo Wild Wings on the recommendation of a local (I've never tried their food).  I'm growing concerned that food is replacing friends (see my last post for further proof of my theory).  Blaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! I just felt like saying that.


  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I love the sun I just don't like getting over heated. lol. Oh well.

  2. I hope the food was agreeable with you. Sun always puts me to sleep.

  3. Aww, I respond to sun the same way. There are a lot of good food places out there too... beware of The Great Steak and Potato Company... it still calls to me from halfway across the country. :P

    P.S. call me anytime, we'll drive away those blues ;)

  4. i hear you. the summer is a strange time to be sad..i just wrote about that. overheating can trigger deep sleep. soemtimes that is good.

  5. Mmmm. I loves the BW3s. I also loves the Meijers... we didn't have any when I lived in Cleveland, but now that we've moved to Michigan, I've got one nice and close.

    I'm not sure why you'd care about this, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. :)

  6. Amber, I ALWAYS feel over heated in the sun. It's this darn fair skin. I just bake and then I get more freckles. grrrrrr

    Linda, It was yummy! Except they charge for dipping sauce-- .60! What's that all about? Aren't wings supposed to come with at least one side of ranch or bleu cheese!?

    .60 may not be a lot, but it's the principle really. And my principles tell me that's just not okay.

    Jenn, Ah yes, I can imagine that you share my same fair skinned problem. Thanks for the tip on new restraraunts. I'm going to need some diversity in my dining experiences if food is truly to become a satisfactory replacement for friends. And your calls always do make me feel better!

    Maggie, That's interesting. Typically the summer and sun make me very happy as long as they're pouring into my air conditioned house. Then I say bring on the sunshine!

    Carrie, I care about all things relating to food and the great lakes area. I just have one question. Do they charge for sauce at your Buffalo's? (Please reference my comment to linda a few lines up.)

  7. "Food is replacing freinds" LOL

    Oh Candice, I know the feeling. :) Well, I think you are doing the right thing by getting some good Ohio wings. Mmm-boy!

    Hope you find away to escape the heat/humidity!

  8. So I just wanted to say that if I'm going to get replaced by a food it better be the moosetracks :)