Hi all my blogospherian friends.  I just thought I would pop my head up from the hole I've been hiding in over the past few months and say "hi." It will have to be brief, however, since my eyes still haven't readjusted to the light. 

I've been without the Internet for the past month and it's been... interesting.  At first I thought I might go crazy as I automatically walked to my computer every spare moment I got only to realize that I was completely isolated from the world wide web.  But after a while I got used to my  primitive life in the mountains, and I learned to be content with my cell phone.  I must admit it was a bit difficult to refinance a house with no scanner, fax, copier, or Internet, but I decided if my ancestors could do it the old fashioned way, so could I. 

In the end, I made a few important realizations:

There is life outside the blogosphere *gasps ensue all over the virtual world* Notice that I didn't say life is better outside the blogoshpere, only that it exists.

The post office still operates a daily mail carrying service and stamps now cost a whopping 44 cents! (I say just send an email.)

My facebook friends did NOT dessert me after my prolonged absence.

It's really, really cool to meet blogging friends in real life.

And perhaps the most surprising discovery of all... I did not get more writing done without the distraction of the Internet.  In fact, I got less done.  Who'da guessed?  Not me.

So, I'm going to Alabama this weekend to see my awesome husband, who I've missed terribly over the past month, and I may be out of contact again in a few days.  But then it's home to Ohio to settle into a routine again and get reacquainted with my love of the Internet and catch up with all of you via your two minute Twitter updates.