The new haircut

I got a new haircut today.  I love getting new haircuts! This one gives me maximum sassitude.  It's chin length in the front with a high, a-line stack in the back.  I was really happy with it when I walked out of the salon.  Fast forward half an hour...

I come home to my husband and son.  My husband is a bit surprised by my new haircut and tells me it's nice, but I can see in his eyes its going to take him a little time to get used to it.  My four-year-old son on the other hand immediately comes up to me and says, "Oh mommy, I LOVE your hair.  It's soooo beautiful!"  And the compliments don't stop, "Daddy, look at mommy's hair, isn't it beautiful?"

At this point I turn to my husband with  the look of , well at least somebody knows what to say when I get home from the salon and my husband looks at me as if to say, what do you expect, I'm a guy. (Yes, we frequently have complete conversations without speaking.)  My son is still complimenting me as he climbs up on a chair next to me and proceeds to play with my newly cut hair, "Mommy I really like your hair.  It looks soooo beautiful.  It looks just like a grandma's hair!" (insert that squigley stop the tape noise they put on sitcoms).  The smug look on my face immediately disappears, the penitant look on my husbands face is also gone, replaced by laughter.   My son on the other hand is completely oblivious as he continues to compliment me on my beautiful grandma hair... at least it's short for summer.

Update:  My husband has decided he really likes my hair.  I knew he would once he got used it. :)