I love signed books!

I''ve entered two blog contests for free signed books and I thought you all might like to know about them too.  See, I'm not greedy (plus I get bonus points for advertising on my blog!).  So, if a free signed book sounds good to you too, click on over and check out these two links.

Contest for the signed copy of The Double Daring Book for Girls

Contest for the signed copy of Darkness Comprehended

Good Luck!! But hopefully not too much luck because I want to win at least one!


  1. Your friend's last name was Davis? No, I didn't serve with an Elder Davis in any of my areas, but he could've been in one of my zones. Still, it's a small, small world. ;)

  2. How come I can leave a comment with you but not the linked websites?

  3. Nick, I'm not sure. I pulled them up and the comment section was readily available at the bottom.