Why don't I blog more?

I've asked myself this question and come up with three possible answers. 

Answer 1) My life is super boring and thus not worth blogging about.

Answer 2)You all are such amazing bloggers that you've intimidated me into silence.

Answer 3) I don't as a general rule enjoy writing creative non fiction.

The answer is probably a mix of the three, but I want to focus on the third reason that I'm often short on posts.  I realize that I don't really love writing creative non fiction.  I have tons of thoughts and ideas pop into my head for blogging topics, but then when I actually sit to write them I think, Bleck! I already had the thought why do I want to spend my time writing it?  I could be writing about my fictional characters and that's way more fun!  

So maybe I need to add a fourth reason to my list... Answer 4) LAZY!  Yep that's probably the most truthful answer.

Fortunately, I have all of your lovely blogs to keep me entertained and connected, so though I will continue to blog albeit sporadically, I will do more basking in all your blogs in the meantime.  You all say it so much better than I could anyway!

I love signed books!

I''ve entered two blog contests for free signed books and I thought you all might like to know about them too.  See, I'm not greedy (plus I get bonus points for advertising on my blog!).  So, if a free signed book sounds good to you too, click on over and check out these two links.

Contest for the signed copy of The Double Daring Book for Girls

Contest for the signed copy of Darkness Comprehended

Good Luck!! But hopefully not too much luck because I want to win at least one!

Love my boys!!

Since I'm outta ideas, I thought I'd post my new family pics. Thanks Steph~



My little angel (most days).



Love ya, babe! After ten years you still make my heart beat a little faster.



No, I'm not dead!  I'm alive and doing well.  My blog on the other hand...


I discovered it's hard to come up with a creative blog post when your brain is busy contemplating an enormous move, crazy summer of travel and a myriad of other things.  Hope you all are doing well!!