Does writing ever make you feel this way? Just asking?

The Brain: Pinky, there are times when I feel I'm bearing my soul to a tube of caulk.

Pinky: Mmm! Caulk!

The Brain: ...And yet I continue.

pinky and the brain

Just for fun.

Just a funny little side note. I decided to final participate in Evil Editor's caption contest and got my caption published here. I think I should have attached a warning when I sent in my caption: Public airing of this caption may result in incessant future entries. Publish at your own risk.

The artistic temperament?

For me writing is an emotional endeavor. And I think it would surprise a lot of people who know me that I often do my best writing when I'm sad or discouraged. That's not to say that the writing itself has to reflect my emotions; it doesn't. Quite often I find myself writing the opposite of what I'm feeling.

I'm generally a very cheeful, optimistic person, so perhaps writing is a way that I deal with darker emotions. Whatever the cause, the examination of emotion is my impetus for writing. And new experiences only add to my desire to write. Sometimes those experiences are vicarious through empathy. Sometimes I only feel the echo of an emotion as I watch it acted out in a movie. But one things for certain, the more emotion I experience in life the more capable I feel of putting life on the page.

Perhaps that's why writer's, aritsts, musicians and others are generally temperamental (and by temperamental I mean prone to emotionality) . Granted I'm making generalizations, but it's an interesting topic to contemplate. Is the artistic temperment a prerequesite for success in the arts? Perhaps it's a result of our chosen avocation? Or maybe it's an unsupported stereo type? What do you think?

“There can be no knowledge without emotion. We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have felt its force, it is not ours. To the cognition of the brain must be added the experience of the soul.”
- Arnold Bennett

Where do write from?

<pWriting is an emitional endeavor for me. I find that I do my best writing when i'm feeling someemotion deeply. for me that em