Sonic just makes me happy

You know which Sonic I'm talking about? The one that says on a poster hanging in their window, 65,000 possible drink combinations (I'm not exaggerating). The thing about Sonic is that they're super slow, and way over-priced and really the best place for getting a great drink. Where else can you get sixty-five THOUSAND possible combinations? But I actually get the same thing every time (diet cherry limeaide yo [yes, Kasie, I am mocking you]). The point is, you can go there with anyone and they will be able to find a drink they like. Oh wait, unless you will only drink Pepsi products because then you're totally out of luck (like my husband). And yes, I know this post is full of contradictions, but that's me this week.

P.S. This post has absolutely nothing to do with writing. I'm not even going to try and draw an analogy. But if you would like to feel free.

Just look how happy we are and note the location.


  1. 65,000 possible combinations? Wow, that is pretty amazing. I was going to try to draw a writing analogy for you, but then I just started craving a Sonic drink. i like to add cream to whatever I get. Yum. Oh, and I love their ice. When I was pregnant, I went there and just ordered cups full of ice. It is soooo good.

    BTW, stop mocking me! LOL Just kidding. I like to be mocked.

  2. Kasie, I mock out of love. What are you still doing up? LOL! Probably same thing I'm doing, editing.

  3. OMGosh! Sonic? Sonic!!! SONIC!!!! Holy cow, LOVE that place! Eeeh! Man, you all have NO idea how much you take for granted in the states! LOL! None at all... Oh! And I'm a fresh lemon-berry slush (If they still have it) girl! Sigh... I'm dreaming about it right now.... yum.... Maybe THAT'S the first thing I'll get when i get off the plane... Grr... Ok I see will power will be useless the first few days anyway! Hehehe! I'm so excited to meet you guys in July! Seriously! Way too excited!

    And no worries on your blog. No one says you have to ONLY write about writing. LOL! Once your fans start getting on the blog, they're going to be reading it to find you--the real you and the stuff you do every day anyway. Besides.. psst... don't tell anyone... but... it's your blog... you can do whatever you want! Eeeh! love you! Let me know when you're ready for the Northanger Affect! Eeeeh! Jenni

  4. Cherry limeade, yum!

    Okay, a writing analogy--65,000 words in perfect combinations could become a best-selling YA novel.

  5. My favorite is the watermelon drink. Oh man, I haven't had one of those since I was working 3 years ago.... shame on you! And I don't even have a car to go get one. *whimpers*

  6. When my brother came to visit us one time from LA my husband took him to Sonic for the first time. My brother was about 14 at the time and he is a mild autistic. He looked at all the choices and almost over loaded. He said..."What is this place? Some kind of drink dynasty?" So that's what we call Sonic now! Drink Dynasty! We also call him when we go, just to tease him, since the closest Sonic to him is over an hour away! LOL

  7. Ohhh, Sonic. Candice, you just made me so happy. Sonic is my guilty pleasure. I get their heart attack inducing double cheeseburger, onion rings, and the DIET CHERRY LIMEADE. You have to be cool, we love the same drink.

    I try to limit my visits to once a month. You know, so I don't turn into a beached whale.

  8. Yes!! I love Sonic. :) I mean, does it get any better than Happy Hour! Half priced drinks!

    I'm in the "get the same thing every time" camp. Can you guess what I get? (This is a hard question, I know.) Anyway, one time I decided to mix it up a little, you know, take advantage of their numerous drink combinations. So, I asked for a shot of blue coconut in my Dr. Pepper. It was SO GROSS!

    I learned an important lesson that day: never try new things.

  9. Jenni, Oh no!! We're already locked into the military, and I didn't even think about the fact that I won't be able to get Sonic overseas!! I guess we'll just have to tell them we changed our mind. LOL!

    Linda, I knew if anybody could come up with the perfect analogy, it would be you. ;)

    Michelle, So sorry. I did not intend this post to taunt anyone in anyway. I should be more careful about my reckless use of food and drink references.

    Nikki, I love it! I'm going to start using that. Except I have this really bad habit of shortening everything, so I'll probably just call it Drindy or something.

    Natalie, You obviously have the best taste! I think the DCL (seriously, I have an acronym disease. I love acronyms!) is the best, and it totally offsets the heart attack. It's lack of calories cancels out the other stuff!! It's also awesome when you need to treat a case of Isuckitis. (It seems to be going around, and thanks, Michelle, for the new great word!)

    Renee, In my head I immediately said, "Doctor Pepper!" But then I was like, hmmm I wonder if she changes it up when she goes to Sonic and adds some vanilla. Then I saw blue coconut and I was like, "What the heck? That's just crazy!" I think we can safely say that you may have tried one of the 65,000 combinations that nobody else on the planet ever has before (or since, or ever again)! LOL!

  10. I tried Dairy Queen's choc Moolatte in other areas of California, but do we have one in Fresno???? NOOOO! It's a good thing though, otherwise I'd be as big as a cow--I heard it has like a jillion calories.

    As for Sonic, there isn't one close to me and every time I drive by one, I kick myself for not planning better. I mean, how many excuses can I find to be on South Blackstone? Don't tell me there's one by your house or you'll see more of me than you'd care.

  11. I love Sonic commercials. They make me laugh out loud. And my favorite is the root beer blended float. Everyone sounds like a Sonic ad, including me. Are you sure Sonic didn't pay you to post this?

  12. Tricia, There are TWO by my house. Bet you wish you were still in our writer's group so you could stop by every time it's at my house. We'd take you back, you know!

    Jessie, Do you think they would pay me? That would be awesome! I would gladly take payment in drink credit. They definitely should pay me. There are at least ten thirsty writers in the world who are all craving Sonic as a result of my efforts.

  13. To tell you the truth, I have boycotted Sonic ever since they got my order either wrong or cold FIVE times in a row... but drinks are good cold... maybe I should give their drinks another chance... Oh My Heck! They payed you to come seduce me into giving them another try didn't they!?

    This is low, Sonic... very low...

  14. Jenn, The customer service is TERRIBLE at Sonic! I rarely ever get food there anymore, and I still get so frustrated when I have to wait forever to get a drink, but I can't help myself. And, I would totally use every underhanded trick I had to get you to go back to Sonic if they would pay me. After every comment I posted on your blog it would say. mmmmm Sonic. LOL!

  15. Does sonic Deliver?

    Next time you have the writing group at your house, let me know. I'll hide in the shadows, slurping.